An Invitation for Taylor Swift

Posted on 07 January 2016

If you’d been at Grace in the early morning of August 20, 2013, you would have seen a very unique scene unfold.  You would have watched a girl dressed in Grace’s finest singing, dancing, and playing guitar to a song with a very familiar tune.  You also would have seen her throw on a blonde wig and sing about some of our favorite finds in the store.  You probably would have wondered what was going on.

Let’s backtrack a bit: it all started when Taylor Swift moved into a house in nearby Watch Hill, RI.  As big Taylor Swift fans, we couldn’t help but daydream about how cool it would be to meet her.  Then, as word spread about Taylor’s adventures in even-more-nearby Mystic, CT, we had an idea: let’s invite her to check out Connecticut’s Fan-Favorite Town (Niantic, of course!) and pay us a visit!  And, since it’s no secret we love to make fun videos, our latest big project was born.

Fast forward to now: our video, “Taylor Swift, You Should Come to Grace!” has been released and it’s a big success!  We’ve been mentioned by publications such as The Dayand the lifestyle blog Thistlewood Farms, and even got interviewed for a segment on WTNH (Channel 8).  But the part we love most of all is hearing how much our customers loved the video!  Even if we don’t get the chance to meet Taylor Swift, all the fun we had would be so worth it.  (Although it would still be awesome to meet Taylor…)

So here’s how you can help us out: spread the word!  Share the video with your friends, your family, your favorite Taylor Swift fan.  And hey, if you happen to have Taylor herself on speed dial… well, ya know, we wouldn’t be upset if you told her about our project. :)

And with no further ado, if you haven’t seen it already: the famous video!



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