5 Tips for Surviving Grace’s Annual Tent Sale

Posted on 08 August 2014

Niantic Main Street’s “Bargains by the Bay,” which could be more accurately christened “Battle for the Best Bargain by the Bay,” is in full blast this weekend. For Grace, that means the tent has been raised and summer merchandise prices have been slashed.  The tent sale comes but once a year, so now’s your chance to brave the crowds for some of our best deals ever!  Before you shop, make sure you brush up on all our best tips to make you a true tent sale champion:

  1. Tote a giant, cross-shoulder bag. Don’t mess around with a hand-held purse, no matter how cute it might be. The tent sale weekend is about practicality, and like any practical shopper, you’re going to want to examine every item before you buy it. As we all know, adequate examination is a two-handed task. Leave the purse that’ll get in your way at home.
  2. Don’t, however, leave your water bottle at home. Or even in the car, for that matter. The tent sale is like an uphill hike – you’re winding through the racks, in awe of spectacular finds, you’re as excited as you are exhausted, and you’re hot. Hydration is crucial.
  3. Time it right. Of course, 10 a.m. is known for its prime selection, so if you’re entering the tent with a specific item in mind, go before someone else snatches it at 10:01. But if you’re simply soaking up the sale, play it cool and wander in around noon. You’ll be allotted more than a square-foot area to move and there’s less of a chance that the bustling crowd will disturb your shopping focus.
  4. Wear the right outfit. By this, we don’t mean, “look cute.” We mean that it’s the tent sale, people, and it’s time to get scrappy! Whip out your spandex shorts and lightest tank and be thankful for your ability to try on clothes without having to wait in line for a dressing room. We won’t judge, we promise.
  5. Part of wearing the right outfit is wearing the right shoes. The tent sale is in our gravel parking lot, so we’re definitely talking flats. And in the same spirit as Tip #4, we suggest picking slide-ons over anything that you have to un-and-re-buckle, because there are piles of cute, discounted shoes that you’ll need to try on before taking home with you (it’s the examination thing).

That’s what we’ve got for tent sale survival – let us know in the comments if we missed anything!  Good luck and happy shopping!

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