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Can I use my Grace gift card on the website?

As of 2019, our gift cards are compatible for both in-store and online shopping.

If you have a gift card issued prior to 2019 and it does NOT have a "Shopify" logo on the back, then we need to update your gift card to our new checkout system. 

To update your old gift card, just send an email to with the following info:

1. Your Name
2. The full number on the back of the gift card
3. You Phone Number

Can I redeem my loyalty points on online purchases? 

We have an awesome rewards program called All purchases both in-store and online count and you instantly get $10 in free points just for signing up. Make sure you use the same email address every time you checkout. Simply sign up by clicking here

Can I do an in-store return for something I bought online?

Online returns may be accepted in-store. It will be a huge help if you come in ready with your (1) order number (2) the name used for the online order and (3) the email address used to make the purchase.

I like what I bought, but it is the wrong size. Can I exchange the item for the right size? 

Absolutely! We want our customers to leave happy and feeling their best! Just provide us with the name and/or email address used for the purchase, so we can track down your order, and then let us know what size you need.